Tips in Establishing Online Authority like You Have Never Done Before

How can you stand out in a crowd full of different kinds of perspective? That’s how you need to establish your online authority even better. What is authority? It is an essential idea that means you have something far more incredible and valuable to offer based on the good things you have already provided in the past. It also means that you stand above the rest and alongside the leaders and influencers of today’s marketing generation. People turn to you for information, and they will gladly pay attention the moment you have something to say.

How can you do that exactly? Here are top effective ways that you can do to establish authority and start improving your online conversions right away:

1. Make your own blog

This one is probably the easiest things you can do online. There is a lot of that you can achieve by running one. You start a blog in order for you to share your insights to show how much you know about the industry and also to inform your readers of the value of your products or services. To ensure that you’re getting the most out of your blog, host it in your company website to keep the readers glued there while automatically establishing trust. That way you can get more people checking your blog for updates and the additional SEO benefits.

2. Social media engagement

You need to be part of the social media platforms today like in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They are an integral part of your customers’ lives. That way you allow your customers to know more about you while also being able to express their support and whatever suggestions they might have. When they write a comment, make sure to reply. Put social share buttons on your blog to maximize both platforms.

3. Add a YouTube Channel in your social media platforms

The potential for marketing here is huge especially because videos get show so much more than mere pictures and text. Use them to demonstrate how your products/services work or how to accomplish certain tasks related to your industry.

4. Consider using webinars

This has been made much easier when you are taking the learning and discussion aspects of public speaking online. You can also choose to either be the lead speaker or have other industry influencers do the talking.

5. Host contests in social media

Leverage your social platforms by conducting or hosting social media contests that make full use of its wide-reaching capabilities and its active user participation. By using this method, you get to increase brand awareness, build relationships with your customers and even help out your ranking on search engines once your social media accounts’ activity and followers rises.

6. Team up when it comes to improving your marketing skills together with your peers

Instead of taking your chances with those influencers, you can just form alliances with people in your industry who are in the same level and build your authority by helping them out. It is easier to do so and you can trust the people because you already know them. Reach out to other start-up or small businesses through blog networks, social media and forums discussing your industry.

Which online authority establishment tip suits your business well? Share it with us and if you think we have missed out some important tips, comment it below!

The Secrets of Successful Social Media Marketing

In the world of social media these days, we like to categorize things accordingly especially when it comes to helping you out with social media. There are other marketers that are into optimal timing of your posts and on how to come up with the best headlines and the like for today’s marketing process.

We have collected a number of amazing tips to post on social media that didn’t quite all fit together. Here are our lists of unique tips that might not to have that much in common that are very useful for all marketers:

1. Avoid committing Twitter mistakes if possible

The mistake is an easy one to miss, but it all comes down to the very start of the Tweet. When it comes to the mistake, only the sender or the person mentioned and also anyone who follows them both will see the mistake of the tweet. So the question is how do we solve this kind of problem? If you really want to start your Tweet with a username, add a period to the beginning. So next time you want to Tweet about someone, don’t forget to add a period at the beginning if you want all of your followers to see it!

2. Schedule posts and updates to your social media

It can be before or after the hour of posting. According to experts, you need to post for scheduling your updates at just the right time. If you’re trying to reach business people like marketers, office workers or managers, this is especially handy. Scheduling your tweets around common lunch and dinner time is a good way to make sure more of your posts are seen directly.

3. Grow your audience by simply following or to favorite all people that retweet your articles

You should always keep an eye on who shares your content on Twitter. You need to monitor mentions of your username and in that way you can find people who are interested in the posts you write and then quickly follow them or favorite their tweet. This is a good way to gather more followers who enjoy your content. If you don’t have time to reply to all of the matching Tweets, a quick favorite can help you make contact with those users.

4. Add full address in your Page’s settings so that people can check in to your page

If you have a local business, or you manage the Facebook Page for one, this tip can improve engagement. You’ll need to make sure your Page is registered as a local business in the business type section for this to work, so it’s not for everyone. If you are a local business though, why not take advantage of this feature.

5. Increase subscribers to your channel by using pop-up

This is a great tip for those of you who use YouTube as a main marketing channel for your marketing strategies. It’s a really simple, easy way to increase subscribers to your channel.

Do we have other social media tips that we have missed? Let us know by adding your ideas in the comments.

6 Creative Ways to Perfect Guest Blog Posts

When it comes to managing traditional media, before they have managing editor role but nowadays, they have digital director who is in charge of the much evolved paper and pen style in the blogging process. The digital director is the one who constantly throwing pitches and eager authors combined with the actual reviewing; editing, formatting, and publishing content makes for a very complex position. And now that content development is such a major part of successful business, the end goal of building a publication filled with wonderful content that their target audience will enjoy and share can be daunting.

Today, you can try this 6 creative ways to perfectly pitch in your guest blog posts and get your worked published immediately:

1. Build a good relationship

The relationship between the editor and the guest is just as important as anyone when it comes to quality of your writing. You need to show the editor that you care about them as a human and you are more likely reading their posts passionately and have good things to say.

2. We are here to prove our value

We are not just in this publishing business to help our writers and be nothing. We are in it to help our readers do what we have to do. Effective bloggers tell what the value they can bring to the audience. This is an extremely important point to include in the beginning of your pitch. If you can’t prove that you can help us, we certainly can’t help you.

3. Research more about it

This is pretty obvious and it is not for everyone as well too. This must be done intentionally. We want to see our new guest bloggers to come to us from a recommendation of a fellow guest blogger or be able to find our guidelines on their own. If you truly want to write for someone, don’t send out a blind pitch. Do your research as a blogger and for the benefit of your blog post.

4. Successful pitch starts with the subject line

Nowadays, subject lines are everything just like successful email marketing campaigns. If you can’t persuade an editor to open your email, how can you expect her to want to review your post? That means you must offer something personal, valuable, or compelling in just a few words.

5. Understand and respect your editor’s time

As precious as your time, their time is paramount in developing good relationship in the very first place. It is extremely important that you do pay attention to their time as well as to their efforts. If an editor gets back to you sooner and your article is published the next day, you get to be pleasantly surprised.

6. Write your post once and then edit them twice

This is really common when it comes to blog posting. There are over 50 percent of editors out there who are likely to delete a pitch that includes spelling and grammar errors regardless of how good the content is. Editors don’t want to be spending all their time fixing grammar and spelling issues in your post so you must not rely on them to do the editing task.

Did we miss out on something regarding guest blog post? Comment your suggestions below!

Five Important Facts That You Should Know about Internet Marketing According to Steve Jobs


His unique personality, his direct point of views towards marketing and his great influence to both employees and his clients are undeniably remarkable. He took a unique approach in everything he ever did. The entire world can learn something by considering a few key tips from Steve Jobs himself.

Here are top 5 important marketing lessons that modern internet marketer can learn from the great Steve Jobs and his views in marketing:

1. One Thing at a Time and Stay Focused All the Time

What Internet marketers have to learn from this is the importance of focusing on the most important marketing tactics. Every company is different and not every technique will work for you. So, simply speculate what will work best for your business niche and give your 100% focus to it and simply say “no” to all the other (deceptively) useful looking strategies.

2. Pictures worth a Thousand Words in the Marketing World

Steve Jobs already knew that the simple secret to a more popular marketing strategy is through delivering quality images that would attract consumers all over the world that is why Apple used more pictures and less content in their advertisements. Apple has always used less words and more pictures and videos even if it was in their ad material in the print media way back in the late 80’s or even their electronic media ad campaigns for today. The most important key point when you want to learn the effective marketing way is that your internet marketing efforts work better. It will be so great when your strategies involve more infographics, videos and other strategies that are easier for viewers to ingest and are more viral in nature for marketing.

3. Marketing Involves Culture of Innovation

Try out new techniques, do a lot of research and bring out your own signature marketing style. You should also think to develop an innovative approach in your SEO strategies and as well as to your Internet marketing ideas. Create better and unique content, don’t use hackneyed content and hackneyed ideas. Copying approaches may work for a while, but eventually they will fail.

4. Always Remember, Time is precious and is short

Even before, Steve Jobs always says that he is always in a real hurry to create new and innovative products for Apple. Even the day he was starting his first creation, he was obsessed with doing things quickly and that’s what he was still doing even before his death. In quite a short time, he brought about a technological revolution far before other companies could even think of doing something similar. Focus on your marketing plans and work quickly to make lasting changes and become an industry leader, not a follower.

5. Listen to your customers and learn from them

That’s what Steve Jobs are doing at the very beginning of his career. He always listens to the cries of the consumers on what they are really looking for. Steve knew marketing experts don’t tend to work in accordance with the needs of their customers. Survey your customers and determine what your audience wants to see, and then apply this knowledge to your marketing efforts.

You can follow these marketing lessons from Steve Jobs and then apply it in your marketing strategies for an effective work. Comment below on your thoughts and reactions about our topic today!